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American Painting & Sandblasting Spraying Details

Auto Stripping/Plastic media stripping

APS applies industrial coatings from zinc filled epoxy to polyurethane topcoats. We also apply high temperature paint, coal tar epoxy, and regular industrial enamel. We are able to meet our customer demands because the whole operation is under one roof and completion is not affected by the weather.

Advantages of dry stripping

Does not etch or mar surface

Is fast and efficient

Save time by letting us do the stripping so you can spend more time painting!

Arrange to drop it off in the morning...pick it up next day!

>No chemical used

The materials we use are totally inert and non reactive. Unlike chemical dripping or stripping, there is no risk of chemical residue being left on the surface or in crevices, which could then strip away your new paint job.

Requires no special preparation on your part

If you like, bring us the car "as-is"...we will mask off all glass and chrome. Although not required, we suggest that you remove as much chrome and ornamentation as possible

Is selective

In most cases we can:

Strip paint from fiberglass (i.e Corvettes). Strip from aluminum and galvanized steel.

Strip as large or small an area as needed

From a portion of the fender to the whole car

What we offer

Conformance to new environmental and safety regulations.

Regulated Hazardous Waste disposal

Responsibility for safety and waste regulations Safe stripping of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, composites and urethane.

No coating failure from surface preparation

Complete removal of original coating failure consistent stripping results

Improved adhesive and repaint quality.

No health exposure to your employees

Savings by eliminating the use and disposal of hazardous chemicals, and by drastically reducing labor coast associated with chemical stripping or sanding