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Lowell American Painting & Sandblasting Our Facilities

Our 15,000 Square foot facility houses some of New England's most advanced metal blasting, painting and particle recovery equipment. We handle the big jobs all year round.

Good preparation is the key

Steel grit is the most effective way to quickly clean and profile hard metals like steel. But when it comes to softer metals, or intact machinery and equipment, our plastic grit expertise gives you spectacular results- ultra smooth surface, major time savings and no damage to surrounding parts.

The value of AP&S total Shop Painting

We save you time and money. After the best possible surface prep, your job gets immediately applied primer coat- on site, it's ready to top coat after minor touch ups, Or, we can apply the top coat right here. You'll benefit from thorough, contamination- free prep. The best possible paint adhesion, controlled paint cost and faster on site work flow.

We make Environmental Protection and Safety a Science

Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge blasting media and paint particle recovery systems. We can easily reclaim the good abrasive media, and dispose of the hazardous paint dust in full compliance with regulations. When you do business with us, you're associated with a company that goes by the book- which goes along way in protecting you

Everything under one Roof

AP&S has a complete indoor blasting and painting facility- let us do it better and safer

We do it all

  • Any size job up to 16ft high any length
  • A wide variety of metals- including structural steel and delicate metals like aluminum
  • All kinds of metal equipment-backhoes, truck bed, machinery to name a few
  • Metal grit blasting- handles the toughest jobs quickly with our wheelabrator
  • Plastic bead blasting for delicate metal surfaces, so there's no need to dismantle equipment.
  • Monorail crane to handle the heaviest steel beams or other parts
  • Quality control- technical capabilities, coating blast, instrumental testing.
  • Complete blast, prime and finish pain capabilities- properly prepared and coated surfaces in our shop can save save you money on your project in the long run.
  • From trestles to trailers, if you can ship it over the road we can handle it in-house, any time of the year
  • We provide on site Environmental Containment Coatings, epoxy and zinc coatings for hazardous waste facilities and storage drums. We take great pride and care in shipping too.