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American Painting & Sandblasting Blast Media

Media description

The generic term for blast cleaning metals is "sand blasting". The term sandblasting is used to describe the mechanical action of removing paint, rust, and mil scale from and object. At APS we feature three specific Media. Each medium is manufactured for cleaning a specific substrate steel, aluminum, sheet metal.

PMB (plastic media): The PMB blast process is a low pressure high volume blast specifically designed to clean the surface of sensitive metals. The PMB process will not clean imbedded rust or stains. This process cleans only the surface and will not alter or damage the metal.

Examples of what the PMB is used for would be: automotive sheet metal, all aluminum, helicopters, and other homeowner items.

Aluminum oxide: This media is used in a blast cabinet and is slightly more aggressive than the PMB and is used on small objects usually made of aluminum or small steel pieces.

Grit blasting: This media is a fine textured steel grit which cleans similar to silica sand. APS uses this media as we reclaim our used media to re-use until it becomes too fine and then it goes into our waste collection drums for disposal. This media would be used on chassis, structural steel, truck bodies, and snow removal equipment. This media prepares the surface of steel for the proper adhesion of industrial coatings.