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About Us American Painting & Sandblasting

AP&S has been providing blasting and painting services to Southern New England since 1976. We offer a variety of blast Medias and coating systems to best meet the needs of the 21st century customer. Whether it is a homeowner's radiator, lawnmower frame, car, or whatever, APS has the correct products to blast clean your items. We also offer a wide range of industrial and commercial paints.

APS can blast and paint just about anything that can be transported over the highway. With on site lift capacity of 24000 pounds we are able to handle jobs large and small.

So, even if you know nothing about painting, the talented staff at American Painting & Sandblasting can assist you is discovering the painting services that you need.

APS has a 10,000 sq. ft. coating/painting area in addition to a state of the art cross draft heated spray booth.

With our state of the art blasting and painting facilities we back that up with an onsite quality assurance inspector. The QA department is backed up with the latest in electronic testing equipment. We test and check for environmental conditions, media quality, blast anchor profile, and paint dry film thickness.

In summary, APS is proud of their modern environmentally compliant facility.